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Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:22 am (PDT)

I just have to add to all this that this is a wonderful way to bond with your harp.

I fell in love with mine the very second I took him out of the box, all rough edges and looking touchingly vulnerable in that state.  I knew his name the first time I picked up the sound box and pillar assembly to see how they went together (it's Aodhán, by the way).  At every new stage in the finishing I had to go into the shop and look and touch.  I'll never forget when my husband put the first coat of lacquer on the back, and the wood just seemed to come to life!

The best part, though, was when I brought him up to pitch for the first time.  There's something really special about being the first person to hear your harp's voice!  Of course it took a while before the harp settled, but that first lovely musical ring actually brought tears to my eyes!

Just thought I'd share that aspect of this question as well.



Unfinished Harps from Dreamsinger Harps

Save 30% by doing it your self.
I do the woodwork, drill the holes, make sure everything fits exactly.
YOU sand it all down smooth and even. You might have to fill some small holes.
Before you lacquer you can decorate the harp any way you wish; 
 Decals, paint, carving, or woodburning. It's totally up to you.

The Unfinished Harp comes as shown with
 the Tuning Wrench,
Pins and eyelets (for wire harp)
Wire for the strings,
and an unfinished Stand.
The set of strining instructions I'm still working on
are here:
Mounting Eyelets and Zither Pins on a new wire-strung Harp
Stringing a new finished wire strung Harp

Instrument orders, questions, and pleasant thoughts
Email: muis@dreamsingerharps.com

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