Custom Hardwood
Flute Cases

Solid Cherrywood case for standard flute

Solid Hardwood flute cases made to order for Your flute.

Solid black walnut case exactlyfitted to antique flute.

Average Price:  $200.00

What to do
(you might want to copy/paste and print this)

I can make a case exactly cut to fit your flute.  All I need you to do is:

1. Take your flute to a Copy Machine.

2.  Set the machine to use Legal size paper.

3.  Make sure the copy size is 100%.

4.  Lay the parts of your flute onto the glass the way you want them lined up in the case.
The keys should be facing up. leave just a little space between the parts.

5.  Cover the flute with white cloth or paper.

6.  Make a copy or two.

7.  Send them to me with a deposite of $50.00
Include name, model number, and any other information about the flute.

8.  Send them to:

Dreamsinger Harps
1260 Port Williams Rd 
Williams, IN 47470

Instrument orders, questions, and pleasant thoughts

To pay by charge: Call toll free!:
leave your Name, Phone#
and best time to call.

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